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Website Renovations

pink revolution website before
pink revolution website after being renovated



PINK Revolution needed pages added, a calendar of events added, and a site redo. I made several changes to the site which has led to more compliments and more donations. I continue to work on the site to make changes and provide updates, making it more attractive and user-friendly.

Personal & Professional Branding

medical cover letter template


  • Business Card

  • Letterhead

  • Cover Letter Template (medical)

  • Cover Letter Template (non-medical)

Lorrie wanted a professional but fun look to showcase her skills, experience, and personality. 

non-medical cover letter template
front of business card
back of business card
before and after results of remo business card

Sample business card created back in 2017 for my portfolio

sample business card for fictional cleaning company called "on the spot"

Graphic Designs by

maine lobstah co coffee mug design 1
maine lobstah co coffee mug design 1
melina foss signature

I assisted Soulo Art Studio with SEO on his website and some of the aesthetics of his site. This has resulted in an increase of site visitor!

soulo art studio branding page before
soulo art studio before
soulo art studio contact page before
soulo art studio about me page before
soulo art studio homepage before

Website Renovations



soulo art studio renovated home page
soulo art studio renovated portfolio page
soulo art studio packages and services page

Custom Social Media Post Examples

social media post example 1
This activity was part of the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate Course. It demonstrates my ability to create social media marketing ads and posts that
will attract attention. More importantly, it demonstrates my listening skills and ability to incorporate brand voice into my creations. 
social media post example 2
social media examlple 3
facebook group banner design custom
Digital Nomad Kit.png
Screenshot 2023-07-25 161652.jpg
Screenshot 2023-07-25 161211.jpg

We think Maine ranks high on the summer fun and good eats list

and this design has Maine Lobstah all ovah it!

MAINE-LOBSTER graphic design
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